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“Who Was Who” INDEX

For several years, we have been writing and posting profiles of people who have been noteworthy in Ridgefield’s 300-year history. They include actors, artists, writers, singers, composers, designers, musicians, executives,  local political, religious and business leaders,  doctors, lawyers, war heroes, interesting characters, and even a few criminals. As of today, there are 406 biographies online.

All these profiles can be viewed here on Nature Geezer by using the “search” function to look for the person’s name. 

Additional biographies will be posted as we continue to research and explore the many fascinating people who’ve lived in Ridgefield.

Here is an alphabetical list of the Who’s Who profiles as of Aug. 9, 2018:

Abbe Family, The Charming Children
Abbot, Dr. Joel, 19th Century Congressman
Adams, Dr. Daniel, Father of Baseball
Adler, Larry, Harmonica Virtuoso
Aldrich, Larry, Champion of Art & Open Spaces
Allan, Edwin B., Main Street’s Smile
Allee, William H., ‘Father’ of Ridgefield High
Allen, William I., Watchdog and Much More
Allen, William W., Sports Grows Up
Ancona, Joseph, A Family Affair
Anderson, Harry, Golden Age Artist
Anderson, Henry B., A Man of Land and Utility
Andrews, Sperry and Doris, Artists with A Sense of History
Arnold, Paul Dean, The Baker Who Feared Flour
Arthur Arent, Progressive Playwright
Ashbee, Charles, Ridgefield’s Santa
Atherton, John, Art and the Fish
Babbin, Jacqueline, Early Writer for Television
Bacon, Peggy, Artist of Pictures and Words
Bahr, Abel, The Art of China
Bailey, Annie Keeler, Pioneering Physician
Bailey, Eldridge N., Frontiersman First Selectman
Baker, Amos, The Apple Doctor
Baker, Paul, Multimedia Wordsmith
Ball, Rev. John, Church Founder, Rights Leader
Bancroft, Lindgren, Lost at Sea to a Sub
Bassett, Preston, Inventor and Historian 
Baxter, D. Crosby, The Little Acorn
Bedini, Americo “Ben”, The Coach Who Was Tough But Fair
Bedini, Dominic, A Quiet Hero
Bedini, Ferdinand, A Silent Servant
Bedini, Silvio, Ridgefield’s Reviewer
Beers, Henry I., An ‘Adventure Capitalist’
Benedict, Delight, Teaching the ABCs
Bennett, Harry, Artist of A Thousand Covers
Biow, Milton,  Modern Advertising Leader
Birarelli, James, First to Die in World War II
Bishop, Sarah, The Hermitess on the Mountain
Bissell, Harvey P., The Man of the Store
Blackwell, Betsy Talbot, Magazine Innovator
Blankenship, William, Two Careers in Writing
Bluhdorn, Charles, The Mad Austrian
Blum, Dr. Harry, Centenarian Artist
Blumgarten, James, Writer for Early Television
Boland, Elizabeth and Mary, Teaching Sisters
Boring, Wayne, Superman’s Man
Boyce, Walter, A Good Sport
Boyd, Thomas, Novelist and War Hero
Brady, James J., First Police Chief
Brewster, Blandina Worcester, Early Woman Physician
Brickell, Herschel, Ill-fated Editor & Critic
Brophy, John, Working His Way Up
Bross, Edgar C., Editor, Novelist and Philopena Player
Brown, Eliphalet, Pioneer Photographer
Browning, Kirk, From Eggs to Emmys
Brunetti, Joseph, Fine Meats and Words
Bryon, Dr. B.A., Physician and Entrepreneur
Buhrman, Bert, Radio’s Music Man
Bulkley, Jonathan, The Home on the Hill
Bullock, Michael, Three Friends Who Flew
Burdick, Eleanor, Help and Understanding
Burt, Benjamin, Surviving Frontier Tragedy
Burton, Linette, The L.O.L 
Carboni, Benvenuto, First Family
Carboni, Octavius “Tabby”, A Caesar as Spry as A Cat
Carboni, Olinto, ‘Battling Bones’
Carnall, Arthur J., A Shropshire Lad
Carnegie, Thomas, Victim of Vietnam
Carroll, Gordon, Editor and FDR Critic
Carroll, Leo F., An Astonishing Leader
Carter, Samuel, The Drive He Couldn’t Escape
Cary, Melbert, A Man of Many Parts
Casagrande, Jeo, The POW and His Mom
Chambliss, Samuel, Wetlands and Rhinos
Chekhov, Michael, An Actor’s Actor
Chisolm, B. Ogden, A Voice for the Imprisoned
Chotzinoff, Samuel, Music over the Air
Clark, Tom, A Man Everyone Knew
Cleves, Mabel, Early Education Leader
Cobelle, Charles, Painting Joy and Happiness
Coca, Imogene, Sweetheart of TV’s Golden Age
Coe, Samuel, The “Mayor of Ridgebury”
Cogswell, Charles G., He Volunteered for More
Coleman, Rev. James, Saddlebag Preacher
Colt, H. Dunscombe, Archaeologist of the Desert
Conklin, Irving B. Sr., A Symbol of Change
Conley, Louis D., The Man from Outpost
Connolly, Michael, A Songful But Short Life
Copland, Aaron, American composer
Copp, John, The Man Who Helped the Settlers
Cornen, Cyrus, A Crisis for the Church
Cornen, Peter P., Oil in Them Thar Hills 
Costanzi, James, Community Contributor
Couch, Edward J., The Bird Man 
Crane, Thaddeus, The Spectacular Exit
Crocker Family, A Dynasty on Stage and Screen
Crosby, Fanny, A Pioneering Woman of Song
Crouchley, Ralph, Mentor of Boys
Culbertson, Ely, Revolutionary Bridge Guru
Cumming, William J., First to Go, First to Die
D’Addario, Dom, A Very Good Citizen
Davidson, Louise, Artist of Many Interests
Davies, Linda, Long Career and Memory
Davis, Hiram, The Last Blue
Davis, John, An Inside Look
Davis, Maude, Flappers, Bouviers and Kennedys
Denton, S.S., Uncanny Businessman
Dick, Edwina Eustis, The Contralto Who Cared
Dielman, Frederick, A Well-Rounded Artist
Doman, Glidden, On the Cutting Edge of Blades
Donnelly, Joseph H., The First Lawyer
Donovan, Jeremiah, The Progressive Barkeeper
Doubleday, George A., The Man of Westmoreland
Dowling, John E., A Jewel of A Jurist
Draper, Paul, Targeted Tap Star
Dunworth, Joseph, Theater and the Elderly
Dutton, E.P., A Devout Publisher
Earl, Consuelo Vanderbilt, A Last Link
Eason, Kay Young, Actress Who Missed the Battle
Eason, Myles, Actor with 10 Green Thumbs
Edelman, Arthur and Teddy, Fine Hides and An Old Barn
Edwards, Ralph, A Man of Consequences
Ellis, Gene, Actress Turned Writer
Farrar, Geraldine, A Great Human Being
Farrar, Sidney, First Baseman and Opera Dad
Farruggio, Sam and Joseph, Infamous Brothers
Fast, Howard, Prolific Novelist
Fawcett, Robert, An Illustrator’s Illustrator
Fayerweather, Frederick, The Man from Tiffany
Fields, Gail Rogers Glissman, Benedict Arnold’s Artist
Fitch, Gov. Thomas IV, Yankee Doodle’s Dad 
Fossi, Louis J., King Lou
Franklin, Fabian, A Three-Career Conversationalist
Frazier, Mary Fuller, The Heroine of Perrypolis
Frulla, Armando, A Hero’s Unlucky Number
Fry, Varian, A Man of Courage
Gabor, Jolie, A Chance to Play
Gage, D. Smith, Prosperous and Parsimonious
Gengarelly, Walter, His Own Drummer
Gilbert, George Washington, The Hermit of Ridgefield
Gilbert, Victor, The Skinker
Gilchrist, Huntington, A UN Founder
Gilkes, Lillian B., Scholar and Democratic Stalwart
Gillum, Pinky, The Rod to Die For
Gold, Andrew, A Man of Much Music
Goldsmith, Harold, The Prince of Pulps
Goldstein, Mel, Connecticut’s Weatherman
Goodrich, Samuel G., The Extraordinary Peter Parley
Grafton, Samuel, He’d Rather Be Right
Greco, Simon, Outspoken Artist
Green, Herb, A Good Ol’ Cartoonist
Grossfeld, Israel, The Crusading Father
Gunther, Max, A Prolific Writer
Haight, John F, First Career Policeman
Haight, Robert S., Church Historian
Hampden, Walter, Star of Stage and Screen
Hanley, William G., Acclaimed Screenwriter
Hartmann, Joseph, Artist and Historian on Glass
Hepburn, Emily Eaton, Landmark’s Builder
Herrick, Gerard, Rotary-Wing Pioneer
Hightower, John, The Museum Man
Hoban, Fairfield, Chess Saved His Life — Twice
Holleran, Clifford, Beloved Principal
Horblit, Harrison and Jean, Philanthropic Collectors
Howe, John Ireland, Pin Money
Hoyt, Irene, Our Florence Nightingale on Wheels
Hughes, John B., The News and Views
Hull, Elizabeth A., Feisty and Generous 
Hull, Harry E., Hero Who Led the Town
Hurlbutt, Hester, The Cutest Kid
Hurzeler, Ruth, Breaking Down A Barrier
Ingersoll, Rev. Jonathan, A Historic Minister 
Ingersoll, Jonathan, Overcoming A Handicap 200 Years Ago
Inkster, Dr. Henry, Helping the Health of Body and Soul
Jacob, Sereno, Fighter Pilot, Playhouse Fighter
Jacobsen, Sacha, Violinists’ Violinist
Jennings, Charles, A Boy of War
Johnson, Rev. Samuel, Founder of Church and University
Jones, Edward, Hanged As A Spy
Jones, Fred, Dog Detective
Joseph, James, The Victim and the Legend
June, Lewis, Circus’s Advance Brigade
Juran, Joseph, The Quality Man
Kampen, Irene, Life without Owen
Kaufman, Van and Gert, Successful Persuaders
Keefe, Tammis, An Artist of the Cloth
Keeler, Capt. Benjamin, The Ill-Fated Captain
Keeler, Ebenezer W., A Remarkable Man
Keeler, Nehemiah Lyman, A Last Link
Keeler, S.D., The Major Merchant
Keeler, Samuel, The Stern and Staunch Commuter
Kelly, John C., State’s Top Law Enforcer
Kemble, E.W., He Pictured Huck
Kendall, Marie, Early Woman Photographer
Kilcoyne, Marie, Half Century of Teaching
King, Joshua, Soldier and Statesman
Knapp, Joseph, Overcoming Adversity
Knoche, Joseph, An Artist in Rock
Knox, Edward M., Heroic Man of Hats
Kraus, Hans, Dachau Survivor Who Cherished Books
Kraus, Robert, Cartoons and Kids
Krushenick, Nicholas, No Apples on A Table
Landegger, Karl, The European Yankee
Landis, Jessie Royce, Mother to the Stars
Laszig, Paul and Johanna, Surprise Philanthropists
Leather Man, Mysterious Vagabond
Lee, James B Sr and Jr., Fedoras and Finance
Leeman, George Sr., Music for Kids and Stars
Leir, Henry, Visionary Philanthropist
Leonard, Elizabeth, The First First
Levy, B.E., Good Scents
Lewis, Frederic and Mary, The Showplace on West Lane
Lewis, Wadsworth, Millions in Gifts
Ligi, Richard, Youth and the Chief
Lippolt, Otto, Collector and Lover of Land
Lischke, Franklin, Artist and Model
Lounsbury, George E., The Plain and Simple
Lounsbury, Phineas, The Dry Governor
Lowe, Dr. Russell, A Physician and A Power
Lowe, Jim, The Green Door
Lown, Harvey, The Beloved Embezzler
Luce, Clare Boothe, A Most Admired Woman
Luce, Henry R., The Man of Time
Luke, Mary, Biographer of Ancient Royalty
Lund, Clayton R., Uncontainable Compassion
Lusk, William B., “Daddy”
Main, Hubert, Holy Music
Maine, Florene, Queen of Antiques
Mallon, Mary. Typhoid Mary
Marcus, Jerry, Cartoonist and White House Favorite
Martin, Francis D.,“Mr. Ridgefield”
McGlynn, Francis H., Theologian and Leader
McGlynn, Margaret, Lively Political Leader
McGlynn, Richard T., First Professional Fire Chief
McGlynn, Robert W., Beloved Man
McGovern, Gordon,A Kind, Corporate Leader
McHarg, Henry K., A Santa to Many
McKeon, Daniel, The Squire of Ridgebury
McManus, Peter, Judge and Legislator
McNamara, Walter, Our Father of Recycling
Medynski, Father Francis, Pioneer Pastor
Meltzer, Alan, A Generous Man of Music
Minot, Dr. Henry, The Bus-Driving Surgeon
Mitchell, John Ames, The Father of Life
Montgomery, Douglass, The Acting Life
Moorhead, Lillian, Ahead of Her Time
Moss, Donald, The Athletes’ Artist
Mulligan, Hugh, Globe-Trotting Journalist
Myers, Debs, Puckish Persuader
Nash, Charles S., First Fire Chief
Nebel, Frederick, Hero of Pulpdom
Nelhybel, Vaclav, Prolific Composer
Neligan, Patrick, Raising Health Standards
Nevin, Hardwick, Playwright, Actor and Poet
Nevins, Allan, Historian Who Loved Ridgefield
Nitsche, Erik, Self-Effacing, Top-Ten Designer
North, Alex, Music for the Movies
O’Neill, Eugene, Under the Elms
O’Sullivan, Margaret, Boosting Sports for Women
Oexle, William, Master Restorer
Olcott, George M., The Man from Casagmo
Oliphant, Elmer Q., An Early All-American
Olmsted, David, The Tale of the Red Petticoat
Olmsted, Ebenezer, Tax Collector Who Broke the Town
Olsen, Herb, Wonderful Watercolorist
Olsen, Olaf, A Man of the Movies 
Orrico, Fred, The King of Neptune
Orrico, John, A Distinguished Hero
Oskison, Hildegarde, Writing Was in Her Blood
Paccadolmi, Phyllis, The Face of the Library
Paddock, Archibald Y., A Strange Tragedy
Peck, Louise, Conservationist & Philanthropist
Pegler, Westbrook, Caustic Columnist
Perlin, Bernard, Artist Who Witnessed History
Perry family,Three Generations of Physicians
Perry, Dr. John G., Letter-Writing Civil War Surgeon
Perry, Gen. David, A Notable Portrait
Petroni, Romeo, The Friendly Judge
Pickett, Edwin D., Grasping the Colors
Pierrepont, Seth Low, The Man of the Park and Pond
Pontello, Mike, In Love with Ridgefield
Pope, Charles, King of the Choristers
Powdermaker, Florence & Hortense, Sister Scholars
Preston, John Hyde, Debunking Liberal
Recht, Charles, Voice of the Soviet Union
Regney, Noel, and Gloria Shayne, What They Heard
Remington, Frederic, He Knew the Horse
Richardson, Anne S., Benefactor Par Excellence
Risch, Joan, The Woman Who Vanished
Ritchard, Cyril, ‘Captain Hook’
Roach, Joseph, The Wounds of War
Roberts, Gail, Tough Dog Warden
Rockelein, Conrad, 90-Hour Weeks 
Rockwell, George, Mr. History
Rockwell, Mary “May”, A Hotel of Culture
Rogers, Donald I., Economic Conservative
Rome, Harold, Maker of Musicals
Rosa, Kathryn Venus, Pioneering Preservationist
Ross, Alexander, Artist of the Clinch and Cover
Ross, C. Chandler, Portrait Artist
Rowland, Alice V., A Leader on Many Fronts
Rowley, John, Murderer on a Monument
Rubel, Samuel, The Ice and Beer Baron
Ryan, Cornelius, “Reporter”
Ryan, Kathryn Morgan, A Woman of Words
Sabilia, Carmela, The Peanut Lady 
Safford, Theodore, Dedicated Family Physician
Salerno, Bartholomew T., Big Shop’s Savior
Salvo, Adam, A Huge Inspiration
Saunders, Phillip K., Dr. Panto Fogo
Scalise, George, The Swaggering Gangster
Scarry, Richard, The Father of Busytown
Scherf, Captain Meinhard, Irony and Tragedy at Sea
Schuster, Patricia, Dancer, Teacher, Founder
Scofield, Carleton, A Good Investment
Scott, Harold Walter, Lost in the War
Scott, Hiram K.. A Most Useful Man
Scott, John Walter, Artist of the West
Scott, John, A Hands-On Journalist
Scripps, Robert P., Powerful Publisher
Seligmann, Jacqueline, The Unhappy Heiress
Sendak, Maurice, The Wild Things
Servadio, Gildo, Food and Vodka Scientist
Seymour, Everett Ray, First to Die in Combat
Seymour, William O., Bridges and Oil for the Waters
Shaffer, Dr. Newton, Helping the Crippled
Shane, Margaret Smith, Writer among Writers
Shane, Ted, Humorist from Hell
Shapiro, Joseph, Simplicity Himself
Shaughnessy, Thomas, The Last Man
Sheehan, Dr. James, The First Pediatrician
Sheeler, Charles, Precise Painter
Shields, Hugh, A Two-Church Pastor
Shields, Laura Curie Allee, Flowers in Her Footsteps
Sholes, D. Smith, A Man of Many Shirts
Short, Rev. David, Strict Disciplinarian
Shortell, Richard E., Beloved Pastor
Shrady, Frederick, Artist Who Rescued Art
Skandera, Michael, A Record Educator
Smillie, George Henry, Artist of Old Ridgefield
Smith, Duncan, 75 Years in Journalism
Smith, Edward, He Hated Slavery
Smith, John W., The Orchid Man
Sonnichsen, Eric, Seaman and Wordsmith
Sorensen, Theodore, The President’s Man
Sperry, B.E., The End of An Era
Spire, Charles, The Music Man
Spong, Hilda, A Star of the Stage
Stebbins, Henry G., Civil War Congressman
Steele family, Early Black Ridgefielders
Stengel, George, Impressionist Artist
Stevens, Carlton Ross, War Hero and Inventor
Stockli, Albert, A Pioneering Chef
Sullivan, William Matheus, The Man from Dunrovin
Taylor, Frank, The First Shot
Taylor, Robert Lewis, Pulitzer-winning author
Teller, Daniel W., The First Historian
The Shapleys of the School
Thomas, Harry, The Village Smithy
Thomas, Norman, Six-Time Candidate for President
Tode, Walter, A Top-10 Chef
Toffler, Alvin, Future Shocker
Trahey, Jane, Women and Power
Tramer, Albert, The Last Outpost
Travaglini, Aldo, ‘Squash’
Tulipani Brothers, Aldo, Joseph, Albert, Alfred, John, A Five Star Family
Tulipani, Julius, The American Dream
Turner, Aaron, Circus Pioneer
Ullman, Paul, Artist and Patriot
Ullman, Robert, Tools for the Trades
Van Lidth de Jeude, Erland, A Large Talent
Velte, Paul, Saigon Escape
Venus, Richard E., Historian and Storyteller
Vetter, George, Betrayed Navigator
Wagoner, Philip D., Underwood’s Overlord
Walker, Charles Wade, Happy, Musical & Armed
Walker, Ralph Thomas, Architect of the Century
Walsh, Thomas, Man of Mysteries
Walters, Peter, The Personable Pianist
Ward, Jack, A Caring Citizen
Warrups, Chicken, The Chief with A Past
Washburn, Rev. Benjamin, Bishop of Newark
Webb, William, Fighting Racists and Racism
Weingast, David E., Superintendent and Scholar
Weissmann, Frieder, World Conductor
Welsh, Glenna, Immersed in History
Wheeler, John N., News for You
Whittelsey, Abigail Goodrich, Pioneering Magazine Editor
Wick, Peter, Artist, Athlete and Advocate
Wilder, Gen. Wilber, Medal of Honor Winner
Wilk, Max, A Man of Memories
Wills, Ruth E., Legendary Latin Teacher
Wilmot, Jeremy, A Sense of Past and Place
Wilmot, Tony, Mr. Baseball
Winant, John, A Lincoln in England
Winthrop, William, Mr. Ridgefield Lakes
Wohlforth, Mildred, The Sob Sister
Wohlforth, Robert, Writer and Publisher
Wood, Lee B., Rockefellers’ Dimes
Woodcock, J. Mortimer, The Forester Who Led Ridgefield
Woodford, Dr. Francis, ‘Country Doctor’
Wyden, Peter, 20th Century Issues
Wyton, Alec, Minister of Music
Yanity, Peter, Making Things Happen
Young, Mahonri, The Greatest Moment
Young, S. Howard, Art and Ike

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